Bali Eco Hiking Tour


Price : USD 60 / person - IDR 600.000/person
Includes: Transfer, breakfast, cool mineral water and lunch

Enjoy a leisurely HIKE at the unique Tropical Fruit & Spice World

  • Over 5 km pleasant hiking path’ through tropical forest with breathtaking views through the famous Petanu valley
  •  A 1,5 km long miraculous underground labyrinth that is unique on the Island of Bali
  • The sacred Hindu Cave Goa Maya
  •  A cozy reception hut where your tour guide supplies information on attractions you will see during your hiking and when natural fruit drinks will be served
  • The “ plant your own tree” location, where you can chose among Durian, Rambutan and Manggis
  • The Spice Center with more than 30 tropical spices
  • The Herb Center with more than 50 tropical herb species
  • The Pumpkin Garden with Balinese Bamboo Water organ
  • More than 50 frits trees along side the hiking path
  • A beautiful Waterfall
  • The natural Vanilla Garden
  • Genuine Balinese Rice paddies along side the hiking path
  • Rambutan Garden, a magnificent viewpoint for resting and taking pictures
  • The tour-end location, from where you will be brought back to the starting point by a shuttle

Bali Eco Adventure Center includes
Bali ECO Adventure is perfectly located alongside the beautiful Tagalalang area, roughly 12 km north of Ubud in the village of Bayad with the most miraculous underground labyrinth and the unforgettable sacred cave “ Goa Maya” on the walking path! ... one of the World’s largest collections of tropical rain forest fruits, spices and herbs – full of fun, adventure and discovery!

All our tours are fully escorted along our quiet tropical path ways by experienced, friendly and local guides.
Hiking tours are for 1, ½ and 2 hours.

We offer a friendly truly Balinese atmosphere with all year round light hiking through the tropical forest. Excite your senses – see the fruits, spices and herbs, smell them, pick and taste the wonderful varieties on offer.

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